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How to Prepare for a Storm

8/5/2020 (Permalink)

Storm SERVPRO of Mar Vista board up. Call now at (310) 822-7800


- Stock up on food, water, first aid kit, flashlights, batteries, portable phone chargers, toiletries, food, and medication for your pets. It is best to over-prepare for a storm than run out of supplies. 

- Make a clear exit path in case of an emergency. 

- Organize all your important paperwork in a waterproof bag or safe. Make sure that you are prepared for any damages to your important belongings. 


Bring in your outdoor furniture and contents. Move your contents into a shed or your garage. 

- Make sure that the trees near your home are trimmed and maintained. Branches can snap during a storm and cause your home of thousands of dollars in damage. 

- Have your roof inspected to make sure there is no damage. Even the smallest roof leak can cause your home a tremendous amount of damage. 

-  Have a professional board up your windows to prevent further damage and water to enter your house.

Maintaining Your Commercial Building

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Buildings SERVPRO of Mar Vista Emergency Ready Profile. Call now at (310) 822-7800.

- Have frequent inspections. Have HVAC, roof, grounds, and interior inspection regularly. Upgrade your building with the recommendations from the inspectors. Up keeping your building may sound like a big investment. However, repairing damages that can have been prevented can cost much more. 

- If any damage occurs to the building, make sure to properly fix them before the damage increase. Trying to cut costs and save money might sound like a good idea on paper. However, if the damages are not properly fixed you can easily spend much more in secondary damages. 

- Make sure the building is ready for any disaster. Update the building regularly with ready to use emergency supplies that can save lives. 

- Call us today to set up your Emergency Ready Profile. This allows you to create a profile with SERVPRO of Mar Vista and in an event of mold, fire, water damage disaster we immediately attend to the loss site and expedite the process. 

Steps of a Water Mitigation In a Commercial Building

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Flooded Parking Garage SERVPRO of Mar Vista Commercial Building. Call now at (310) 822-7800.

1. Extract all the standing water from the flooring. Since the carpet pad acts like a sponge and absorbs all the water, the carpet pad will be removed. After removing the carpet pad we will extract the water from the carpet and let our dehumidifier dry the carpet and save it from any damage. If any other floor types are affected we will place the appropriate equipment to attempt to dry in place.  

2. Conduct moisture readings on all floors and rooms to make sure all areas that are affected are marked and get the appropriate treatment. 

3. Place proper equipment to attempt to dry in place the affected walls, ceilings, and flooring.

4. If the affected materials do not dry out, demo would have to commence. It is important to treat all areas that are wet to make sure the mold does not form. 

5. Once the cavities are open, the equipment will dry out any material that is holding on to moisture i.e., wood framing. The materials will need to reach the drying standard before the build back can commence. 

6. Build back on all open cavities. 

"Like it never even happened."

Ways to Prevent Mold in Your Home

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Mold on Framing SERVPRO of Mar Vista Mold Remediation. Call now at (310) 822-7800.

The first step would be identifying the problematic areas in your home and correct them. A hygienist can do an initial mold assessment and detected the spore counts and determine if there is an area that will require mold remediation. Most of the time mold grows in a sealed off area. The moisture and humidity in the sealed-off area create an easy environment for mold to grow. If your home has water damage make sure to call out a professional to mitigate the water properly to prevent mold growth. If an area has not dried out properly the mold can spread in all the areas that hold moisture. Here at SERVPRO of Mar Vista, we can do a visible mold inspection and advice if mold remediation is in need or not. We will then be to remediate the mold and mitigate the moisture to drastically decrease the chances of the mold growing back.

Tarp Up

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Tarp on Roof SERVPRO of Mar Vista Tarp Up. Call now at (310) 822-7800.

Do not wait until the storm passes to take care of your roof leak and the damage. Believe it or not, one of the most common causes of water damage comes from roof leaks during a rainstorm. SERVPRO of Mar Vista has trained technicians that can lay out a roof tarp and prevent the interior of your home from further damages. A roof tarp is the best way to control the situation until the roof has been fixed. The common damages from a roof leak are affected ceilings, walls, floors, and contents. Leaving the affected untreated properly can cause damages and mold growth to the materials. If you notice any staining, discoloration, moisture, mold, or damages after a rainstorm set up an appointment with us to come out and do an inspection. Give us a call at (310) 822-7800 and we would love to come out and assist you with any damages you may have. 

Summer Time

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Dog in front of a fan SERVPRO of Mar Vista water damage. Call now at (310) 822-7800

The rainstorms are gone and the sun is now shining! Summer is officially here! Although the rain has gone, do not let your worries for water damages go with it. With this heat rising upon us, the use for the air conditioner has increased. SERVPRO of Mar Vista is here to remind you to not forget to change your air conditioner’s filter. The air filter is important to the smooth and proper function of an AC. The air filter’s purpose is to collect any dust or debris from the air pulling from the outside. With the buildup on a filter or just not having a filter within your AC system, can cause the drainpipe to clog. With the drainpipe being clogged it can cause the condensate water pan to overflow instead of draining the water through the pipeline to the outside. A dirty filter will also cause ice to form around the unit’s evaporator coils. The ice will then melt, causing water to drip from the AC. Water damages, such as your ceiling caving-in or even water puddles around your basement floor, will occur. At that point, even mold and mildew can grow within the unit due to the continual presence of water. So just a few tips, a single occupant with no pets should change their filter every 6 to 12 months. An average suburban home with no pets would be every 90 days. If you do have pets, you would want to make 60 days your mark. As for those with multiple pets and anyone with allergies, you would want to change your filter every 20 to 45 days. Remember, here at SERVPRO of Mar Vista our goal is to create a strong, healthy, and safe community. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you 24/7. Give us a call at (310) 822-7800.

Mold Tips

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Mold spores under microscope SERVPRO of Mar Vista mold inspection. Call us today at (310) 822-7800.

Did you know that there are multiple, hundreds and thousands of mold spores floating around outdoors? Knowing the dangers of mold, it is quite frightening thinking about it. What is more of a concern would be finding mold inside your own home. Mold is known to belong to the kingdom of fungi. It can appear to be plant like but cannot create its own food. It absorbs its nutrients from other organic substances. Mold can simply generate with water and something living – or even once living, like wood. Invitations of mold to your own home would consist of poor ventilation, moisture and water damages in which was not assisted immediately. In many areas of your home that water vapor happens to occur, you want to be sure that you have a source of ventilation within that area. The consistent moisture and humidity will eventually cause mold. This is another reason to report any serious water damages right away. You might be able to clean the visible mess but sometimes the affected areas cannot be seen. SERVPRO of Mar Vista is here for you 365 day 24/7. If you have any questions or concerns due to recent water loss or any visible mold, do not hesitate to call us at (310) 822-7800. Our team will be here ready to help.

Ways to Protect Your Home Against Flooding

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Flooded home SERVPRO of Mar Vista water extraction. Call now at (310) 822-7800

Home flooding can happen anywhere and at any time. According to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) floods are the most common and most expensive natural disasters in the U.S and no state or territory is safe. Here are some ways to help prevent floods in your homes and businesses.

Fix leaks immediately.

  • When it’s time to replace the roof, spend a few hundred dollars to more to install a rubber roof underlayment, a waterproof barrier that goes under the shingles and protects the roof from water interference.
  • Safeguard in home electrical and climate systems. Raise switches, sockets and circuit breakers and writing at least a foot above the expected flood in your level in your area.
  • Raise outdoor equipment. All fuel tanks, air-conditioning units, and generators should be raised above flood level.
  • Close foundation cracks.
  • Clear gutters and drains.
  • Invest in a battery powered sump pump.
  • Move expensive items to a safer location.
  • Prevent sewer backup.
  • Install French drains.

Exhaust Fan Tips!

8/5/2020 (Permalink)

Fire in bathroom SERVPRO of Mar Vista fire clean up. Call today at (310) 822-7800

It is known that mold found in a bathroom, can at times be caused by poor ventilation. Taking consistent hot showers can cause damped walls. To avoid the growth of mold in the bathroom you want to be sure to properly let it air out after a shower. In which case, some bathrooms do not always have windows. This is where an exhaust fan comes handy. It helps prevent steamed up mirrors and of course damped walls. The exhaust fan does its part to prevent mold, although, they can also present a potential fire hazard if not cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. In some cases, an exhaust fan is thermally protected, allowing it to shut off when it begins to overheat. With precautious measures, you should still clean your exhaust fan twice a year. With the buildup of lint, the motor of the fan can overheat and ignite the lint itself, the plastic blades or any wooden structure surrounding the fan. Below are a few tips to help with the prevention of an overheating exhaust fan.

  • Clean all bathroom exhaust fans twice a year.
  • Clean the exhaust fan by removing the fan cover and removing the lint from around the motor and all air flow areas.
  • Wash the cover in warm soaped water to remove lint. If there is any visible mold, you can add some bleach to the cleaning mixture. The cover must be completely dry before putting it back up.
  • If not easily accessible, or happen to have evidence of heat damage, the exhaust fan should be replaced with the thermally protected units.
  • At times, people forget they are running and leave them on. Exhaust fans should only be used for brief periods of time. Best time to have it on would be during a shower. Turn off all fans once the shower has been completed.

SERVPRO of Mar Vista has recently helped with an unfortunate fire and water loss caused by the exhaust fan. The exhaust fan had gotten stuck and lit a fuse in the wiring causing a slight fire, which then triggered the water sprinkler system. The customer was very worried and concerned about her home and getting someone out there as soon as possible. We made sure to take great care of our customer. We insured them that we were here to help and take the matter into our own hands. With any emergency situation, SERVPRO of Mar Vista will be ready 24/7, 365. Our friendly team will be here, ready to assist you when needed. Give us a call at (310) 822-7800.

Are You Ready For an Emergency?

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Emergency ready profile SERVPRO of Mar Vista Emergency Ready Profile (ERP). Call now at (310) 822-7800

What is an ERP and why is it beneficial for my home or business?

Did you know that 50% of business are not able to recover after a loss because they weren’t prepared? Well, let us tell you how an ERP would be beneficial for your home and business.

An ERP is short for Emergency Ready Profile, it is a tool for businesses, property managers and homeowners, both residential and commercial. By creating an ERP with SERVPRO of Mar Vista profile for your home or business, you minimize your business and home loss by having an immediate plan of action in case of a disaster such as mold, fire, water damage and living in California we need to be prepared for natural disasters such as earthquakes. Give SERVPRO of Mar Vista a call today for your ERP free of charge at (310)822-7800!